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Oliver Library

How to use OLIVER Library


1 Go to the DET student Portal by typing the following web address or Google DET student portal:















2 Log on using the DET user name and password provided by your classroom teacher.


3 Select OLIVER Library once you are in the portal.


4 You should see the following screen once you are in OLIVER Library:




5 Click My Library and you should see features such as Messages, Searches, Loans, Reserves, Loan History and Settings.

  • Messages is where you check messages from the library about your loans.
  • Search is where you can search books and save the search for future reference.
  • Loans is where you check how many books are currently loaned to you. This is also a feature that allows you to renew your loans for another 2 weeks. Please note the system will allow 3 renewals. If you need more than 2 weeks, you will need to see one of the library teachers.
  • Reserves is where books that are reserved in your name. If those reserved books are available you will be notified by one of the library teachers. All reserved books will be held for 3 weeks.
  • Loan History shows what you have borrowed in the last 12 months. This is a fantastic feature for you to go through and choose the books that are on the Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC) that you may wish to add to your PRC record.
  • Settings lets you personalise your OLIVER Library home page


6 To renew books, select Loans and click the blue box that has a green arrow and a clock:


Oliver loans



7 To reserve a book that is currently on loan, click the top blue box that has a book and a padlock on it:


OLIVER reserve1